Berende Oxford Shoes

9:56 pm

Ii ochisem de la sfarsitul lui Decembrie 2013 si mi-i doream tare mult, iar apoi am uitat de ei. Asta pana cand am primit bani de ziua mea si m-am gandit la ce as putea sa ii folosesc.. asa ca ei au revenit in gandurile mele. Initial am vrut sa ii iau pe negru dar nu au avut nici marimea mea, 37 si nici 38. Asa ca i-am luat pe maro (desi pe cutie scrie ca sunt visinii). Modelul este Oxford 143
Model: Oxford 143. I first saw these amazing-beautiful-gorgeous shoes at the end of December 2013 and I've fallen head over heels in love with them and then.. well I kinda forgot about these babies. That was until late March, when I received money for my birthday and this pair came back in my thoughts. At first I wanted to buy them in black but they didn't had neither my size, 37 EU (4 UK/7 US) nor 38 EU (5 UK/8 US).. so I've bought them in brown (but on the box is written that they are burgundy).

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